About Kinnessburn



After serving many years as an annexe to University Hall and therefore occupied by young ladies, Kinnessburn underwent a fundamental change in the summer of 1962 when it was fitted out for male occupation. There were generally about thirty Men of Kinnessburn at any one time, 23 staying in the house in Kennedy Gardens with the remainder sleeping in various 'bunks' in the neighbourhood and eating in the residence.

The first Warden was Major Terence Mitford of Classical Archaeology from 1962 to 1966. He was followed by Dr Adrian Hollis (Latin) and Dr Charles Ingram, each for a year, then by Dr John Frame from 1968 to 1972, at which point the residence was deemed uneconomic and closed. The building remained with the University, first as a Student Medical Centre then as offices and studies for staff of Geography and Geosciences. It is currently the home of English Language Teaching & The Centre for International Foundation Programmes.

During these eleven years approximately 170 male students spent part or all of their time as Men of Kinnessburn. Twenty-nine Men, many with their wives, gathered for a REUNION in St Andrews on 8th August 1998, at which it was agreed to keep in touch with each other with a view to further get-togethers. The second REUNION was held in August 2002 in Edinburgh and a third was held in Winchester in June 2005. A fourth reunion recently took place during the University's sexcentennial celebrations in 2012.

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