Extra Features

This section of the website contains Kinnessburn stuff not included in the Newletters.

Latest addition is “JOHN COOK’s Photos”. There are plenty more where they came from - to be added soon.

“How the Moose Came to Kinnessburn” by ROBIN BELL was distributed with the June 2003 Reunion News, but stands alone very well. This is an HTML version, so it’s not nearly as professional as the original printed publication.

There’s a small selection of photographs from the September 2002 Reunion Lunch in Edinburgh. Any more photographs of that event, or any other Reunion events, will be gratefully received and published on the website.

Then there’s “ARCH” ANDREWS’ compiliation of which Men of Kinnessburn occupied which rooms from 1962/63 until 1971/72. Any additions or corrections sent to rooms@kinnessburn.org.uk will be forwarded to “ARCH” for inclusion in a revised list.

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