No 11 January 2000



Pier Walk

Welcome to a typical St Andrews cover picture - this is how the world sees us, the photo being published in The Guardian Education as recently as last December. Sad to relate that reality is somewhat different - the pier is still partly closed*, the Pier Walk has trudged off into the mists of time (for points of view as to its origin - medieval or relatively modern - see the Bulletin Board on the site named below) and the red gown is as endangered a species as the red squirrel.

You can however experience a virtual tour of the 'old grey city by the sea' and enjoy a dollop of real St Andrean history and a dozen other items of news, including the present position regarding the pier, on the Internet at [out of date link]. Does anyone fancy reviewing the site for this august journal?

*and will need more than 500,000 spent on repair to render it even safe, let alone picturesque.


If you get a couple of letters wrong on a snail-mail envelope, the postie will almost certainly put the envelope through the correct letter-box, but one single error to an e-mail address and back it comes! So my apologies to Dr GEOFF CRAVEN for a simple typo last time. I would have been only too happy to print his correct address, but the blighter has changed it! So it's out with the electronic tippex and in with the new data, which is -

[not published on website]

Dr DAVID WISHART tells us that after retiring from the Scottish Office he is now an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Management at St Andrews as well as being a director of Clustan Ltd, which publishes computer software for cluster analysis,  a subject near to his heart as that was the topic of his PhD thesis.
David and Doreen were presented with their first grandson in January 1999 by their son Mark and daughter-in-law Deanne, whose maiden name was also Wishart, the couple having met through the Wishart Society, of which David was the founder.

David has also kindly sent a floppy disk of the Wishart Society Website which can be accessed  on a PC and now contains our cover photo of last Christmas. The disk is for loan to anyone who wishes to view it - just let the Editor know. If you prefer direct access, the address of the site is [not available].



[not published on website]


[not published on website]


[not published on website]


[not published on website]


[not published on website]


[not published on website]


By way of proving that classical archaeologists do not necessarily all face earthwards, your Editor will attempt to send at least this page of the newsletter electronically to those readers for whom he has an e-mail address. These lucky people will also get a copy by more traditional methods so that they can complain if the Ed. gets it all wrong! The absence of a complaint will ensure future electronic transmission.

Dr DAVID BACHE writes to say that his eldest, Heather, has graduated BSc in Medical Science at St Andrews and is now continuing her clinical medical course at Manchester.

On the other hand, BASIL POGUE is in the throes of finding the right University for his daughter. Those who have already passed through this Slough of Despond will no doubt sympathise. But worry not, Basil - Graduation will be upon you before you can turn round!


Allan Halliday's 1999 newsletter was returned marked 'gone away' from his address in Nottingham. Anyone know his present whereabouts?

Published  by Graham Robertson

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