No 14 December 2000





BILL ALLAN's paragraphs in no.13 have created more comment than anyone else's admissions. "ARCH" ANDREWS e-mailed, "What Bill didn't say is that he now follows cricket. We were watching one of the Test Matches on the box... consider the irony of a Scot having to explain the rules of cricket to a Sassenach!" [But remember, Arch, that the champion team in the 1999 English Village Cricket Competition was Freuchie from mid-Fife.] Dr DAVID WISHART says he believes it was John McInroe who discovered Ceres first and uttered the phrase, "This cannot be Ceres".

ANTHONY ASHWELL sent a fax. "It seems that I have entered the 'er'-years: old-er, grey-er, busy-er, weary-er, broad-er, etceter-er. ANNA and I continue to live in West Dorset among beautiful scenery, and I find the demands on a country Vicar ever increasing - my colleague and I look as though we will soon be taking on another five churches in addition to our present eight...
"I had the huge privilege and thrill of marrying our 30-year-old  daughter Lucy to her management consultant partner last July. She works for the BBC in London, where also lives and works (in information) our 28-year-old son Nick. Anna works with dementia sufferers and we hope that her work will continue to be outside the marital home...
"It would not be too clever of me to say more about my own work,  as one of my parishioners, churchwardens and Lords-of-the-Manor is PHILIP WILLIAMS..."

With a fanfare of bicycle bells an e-mail from HUGH BEGG dropped into the editorial in-tray.
"A couple of years ago my wife JANE had a successful kidney transplant and this has allowed us considerably more freedom to visit our children. Mary, the elder, is still in Paris and has provided us with Ailsa, our first grandchild. Susan has embarked upon a postgraduate degree at Cambridge.
"I continue to have to work for a living. I have been appointed a Local Government Boundary Commissioner for Scotland, but my main work still comes from cases from The Scottish Executive Inquiry Reporters Unit and adjudications of complaints against Scottish Enterprise and their Local Enterprise Network."

Disposing of umpteen years' copies of the Alumnus Chronicle prior to flitting, your Editor came across an interesting note in the 1993 issue.
"BASIL POGUE, along with his wife, was awarded the Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation, in recognition of their work to provide Christmas Dinners to hungry people in Regina since 1987."
Well done, the man from Ballymena! Sorry we didn't spot the news item earlier.

GILL and GRAHAM ROBERTSON, joining the 'downsizing' trend, have moved to a one-bedroomed cottage in the small Solway coast town of Gatehouse of Fleet. Being about thirty years behind the times, every summer it throws a Gala reminiscent of the 'sixties Charities  Week in St Andrews - torchlight procession, parade of floats, raft race. It also has a connection with St Andrews in that in 1639 the Revd Samuel Rutherford was summoned from his charge at Anwoth Church to be a Professor of Divinity at the University.

GORDON ROY has kindly sent a full-frontal photo of the house at Kinnessburn which appears as the cover of this year's Christmas card/newsletter. Many thanks, Gordon!



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GRAHAM ROBERTSON - [not published on website]

GRAHAM FLEMING has written to say that he has no pertinent news to report - no change of address, job, lifestyle, sexual orientation, gender or anything else of potential Kinnessburnian interest. Life in the South East continues to be good, however. [This was written  before the storms and floods!]

JOHN STEPNEY reports, "2000 has been a very happy year for DIANE and me - and there is a St Andrews connection!  Our daughter Caroline was married in St Salvator's Chapel on Saturday 15th July. Caroline and her husband, Alex Davies (from Wales) both graduated from St Andrews in 1997 and wouldn't consider anywhere else for the wedding.

"They were blessed with a warm, sunny day for the occasion, which was quite remarkable as it came just after a couple of weeks of miserable weather. (Incidentally it stayed good for the next few weeks, and the Open Championship was played the following week in excellent conditions.)

"I am also very pleased to mention that one of our fellow Kinnessburn Old Boys, Dr DAVID WISHART, contributed to the ceremony by doing the Bible reading. The Reception at the Golf Hotel was a great success, with the Scottish and Welsh contingents mixing well and not making the English and Irish guests feel too much out of place! There are a few photographs of the occasion on the Net at [not available], if anyone's interested."

Published by Graham Robertson

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