No 15 April 2001


APRIL 2001: ISSUE NO. 15

ROBIN BELL sent what he cheerfully describes as 'handy reading for any insomniacs', from which we learn that he has had another book published, the fruits of his periodic labours (if you believe that, you'll believe anything) in Antibes. It is illustrated with drawings by the Scottish colourist painter, J.D.Fergusson.

His current main project is a series of artworks, collaborating with the best of the younger generation of Scottish painters. Robin provides the concepts, texts, original photographs, etc, and, yes you've guessed it, the painterly hard work and skill are provided by someone else.

Robin's home address is the same as when he arrived at Kinnessburn in 1962, except that he has returned there via seven years in New York, another seven in London, even longer in Edinburgh, etc., etc.

Just before Christmas came an e-mail out of the blue from GREG ('NOGGIN') NEWMAN who had just discovered our website. His immediate news is that his younger daughter is currently a tertian at St Andrews, and on her first arrival he pointed Kinnessburn out to  her as he took her bags into New Hall.

DAVID RUNDELL e-mails, "I still have the same job in Computing Services at Heriot-Watt. The nature and rate of change both in computing (or I suppose one should say 'I.T.' nowadays) and the Higher Education sector are such that it seems like a different job  every couple of years or so anyway.

My wife NORA and I have a 'double upper' flat (a Victorian house split into two, where we have the upper 2 floors) just up from Newhaven Harbour in northeast Edinburgh. Our view has been enhanced by the arrival of the Royal Yacht Britannia last year, whose mast can just about be seen from our attic.

On the family side, my middle daughter Kirsty graduated from St. Andrews in 1998 with an MA in Art History and English - having stayed in the relative luxury of New Hall within sight of Kinnessburn. She is teaching down in Cheltenham. My oldest daughter Tessa (LLB, Aberdeen, 1994) is working for Friends Provident - and is a fervent fan of Ali McBeal. My youngest daughter Gemma is in 3rd year at Edinburgh College of Art, and my step-daughter Susie is in 4th year at Aberdeen studying Psychology.

I have to confess to a weakness, in that I have succumbed to the classic car bug with a 1969 MGB GT - chrome bumpers and recessed grille for the initiated. It is an acronym as well as an anachronism - Money Guzzling Barmy Geriatric Technology. It is a hermit, only coming out of its garage on dry days - so it has not been used much this summer.

Now for the interesting  bits... I have found some old photos of Kinnessburn days which I have scanned. They are inserted into this document from GIF files, from which you may be able to edit them direct for use in the Newsletter, but I can send them again in another file format if you prefer."

[Needless to say, your Editor did prefer them in a different format - hard copy!]


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