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DECEMBER 2001 NEWS: Issue No.17

Domestic Bursar
aged 87

"ARCH" ANDREWS tells us that his health is now much improved after several years of undiagnosed adverse reaction to prescribed medication, and we wish him a continued recovery.

Responding to the Editor's request for news Dr JOHN BELL writes,

"Thank you for the Kinnessburn letters and reminders - I am astonished at your diligence and persistence. Whereas I liked Kinnessburn quite a lot, I cannot say that it was the most important feature of my St Andrews day, but I was obviously fond enough of St Andrews to come back and make the town my home and place of work. I feel safe in small places and secure in the generosity of the townsfolk so that when I "came out" of marriage and Tatty and I went our separate ways, we both got support and can be fond of each other despite.

"Do you remember Miss Walker, the Warden of University Hall? - seemed about 60 forty years ago and looks no older now - I used to partner the Senior Student of Hall to balls (tall enough, can dance and not a danger to women). She was very slow to remark but one day at the end of a visit to the surgery said something so perceptive that I was confirmed in my belief that there is no 'dirt to dish' because it was all known already except by those who chose not to see. I know that attitudes have changed over the years but one is terribly sensitive at that age and in such a state of personal confusion. All good people should not judge but facilitate achievement of potential, whatever that may be. The same argument must apply to women's lib as to sexuality freedom.

"Andrew, our son, is a fine boy and has stood the change very well. He is fond of Grant and me (I did not leave T for G - I left for an ideal and because T wanted me to), and has just achieved a 2:1 in Psychology at Edinburgh.

"The day of the Kinnessburn Reunion in St A was the day I started my new life, which is why I didn't come along - too excited. Life, work and all that I do is such fun that I can't imagine otherwise, though a little spare time would be nice! So don't go all sanctimonious on me and "protect" me from prying eyes - the closet is shutting the next generation in misery. The town is bracing itself for the royal invasion. I am glad to say that I am not to be W's doctor. The next four years will be different. The town evolves all the time and gives me pleasure all the time."

After a mere five years of a supposedly two-year course in Classical Archaeology at Birmingham University GRAHAM ROBERTSON has been given permission to graduate M.Phil., just as his wife Gill begins her M.Litt. course at Crichton College, a constituent of the University of Glasgow. Kate (now 23) graduated B.Sc. in Geography at Liverpool in June 2000, while David (20), is for the moment 'running' the  Bootle office of the Health & Safety Executive.

We have a new website at and the webmaster is JOHN STEPNEY, who has spent many hours putting back numbers of the newsletter up for view. This will doubtless occupy him well into the New Year, and we owe John a hearty vote of thanks. Well done, old son!

Sunday 30th September brought Dr MURRAY TOUCHE to the Stewartry to open the new Lifeboat Station at Kippford. The station was funded in memory of Murray's father and replaces time-served crew accommodation in a shed.

PHIL WHEELER sent  an e-mail to let us know the outcome of the by-election for South East Corstorphine ward of the Edinburgh City Council on 11 October. The result was as follows: SNP 109 (5%): Tory 252 (12.7%): Labour 286 (14.3%): LibDem. 1343 (67.5%). Phil continues,

"So I was declared duly elected by a narrow majority of just over 1,000  votes, with 31.5% of the electorate turning out. My predecessor (John Barrett, now MP for West Edinburgh) was slightly miffed since I had achieved 10.5%  more than he got in 1999. I have survived my first meeting of the full City Council, complete with welcome from Lord Provost Eric Milligan.

"My other piece of news is that I have resigned from the Royal Bank  of Scotland after 35+ years. I leave at the end of December, to join a new consultancy firm on a part-time basis, which should make life easier to manage, as well as be more rewarding in various ways."

Just as we were closing for printing, the postie brought news from Sir PHILIP WILLIAMS.

"I have little to update you with, as rural estate ownership and management is not a fast-moving affair for most of the time. Dorset was spared the ravages of Foot & Mouth Disease, but of course it created a lot of nervous farming families, already hit by the after-effects of BSE in our mainly grassland, dairy and stock-rearing area of the country. Hence I am certainly affected by the agricultural malaise, but - like so many others - mainly at second hand, as we do not farm here ourselves.

"I am finding that the Bench and ancillary activities connected with it is taking increasing amounts of time, and a recent appointment to the Board of Visitors to our local Young Offenders Institute is even more of an eye-opener, though thoroughly worthwhile.

"On the family front, my wife Catherine continues as one of the local GPs in a partnership of three, and our young are still in the throes of education: David (20) in his second year of European Studies at Manchester, Sarah (19) having just started Medicine at Newcastle and the younger two at Sherborne Girls' School, with Margaret sitting 'A' Levels this year and Clare approaching her GCSEs.

"As you know, one of the two clergy in our local "Team Ministry" is ANTHONY  ASHWELL, who was ordained after a career in Industrial Chemistry, for which he qualified at St Andrews. He is a live wire locally and we thought a recent enlargement of the Team would require him to move to a Vicarage somewhat further away, but for the moment that is not going to happen."


All are invited to lunch - at their own expense, of course - together with partners
at no. 28 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh
on Saturday 14th September, 2002.


Further details and booking form will come with the April newsletter but immediate expressions of interest will be welcome.
Cost per person cú10 for main course + coffee, cú15  for starter + main course + coffee


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Published by Graham Robertson

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