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Missing by the skin of its teeth (if e-mails have teeth) the printing of no.17 came news from VIVIAN AUSTER, "The postal address you have for me is correct but as you will have gathered from the header to this e-mail, we are no longer at

"Sunbeach was the well chosen name of our server while we were living in Barbados and I was working at the High Commission. We are just back from 3 lovely years there and as you have read from Terry Crawford's e-mail in April we - my wife Carol and I - called in to see him in Detroit on a roundabout trip home. From Barbados we flew to New York where we hired a car and drove to Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Chicago, Detroit, Ontario and Massachusetts.

"After nearly 4000 miles and three weeks after we first set off we were back in New York returning the car and boarding QE II for the return to UK - a wonderful holiday with which to end our Caribbean tour of duty.

"After all that the daily commute to London did not appeal; and as I have got to a stage where I can get virtually the full pension entitlement I decided to call it a day at the Foreign Office and retire. I have no intention of being idle; but I want to be sure to do something worthwhile with my time, so I am not rushing in to anything just yet."


The Revd PETER BINNS writes, "I celebrated 25 years as a priest on July 1st. We had a marvellous service at St Michael's, Amersham, including a French baptism. Time seems to fly - another 2½ years at school and I shall be put out to grass!"

JACK DAWSON is living and, we believe, teaching in Bourne, Lincolnshire.

Dr IAN GUNN-RUSSELL e-mails from across the puddle, "Well what a surprise! Surfing the net occasionally brings interesting rewards as happened tonight. I discovered that I was missing. It was quite a blessing to be missed, I might add, as my connection with Kinnessburn was only a few months in duration in 1972. However those months provided good memories which have returned with tonight's discovery.

"A little history since BSc (Med Sci) St.A.1974. Graduated from Manchester University 1977 MB ChB. Did Vocational Training in General Practice in Manchester and Edinburgh areas. Went to Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada 1980-89 and then to New Jersey (where the rest of my family moved). In General Practice in Sparta, New Jersey for the past 11 years. One wife from St.Andrew's town, two Scottish and three Canadian children. Good to be found.....!"

Grandfatherhood sits lightly on DEREK KENNEDY's ageing shoulders, so he claims.

After graduating from St Andrews, JOHN MUMFORD studied for the Anglican ministry at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, where he married ELEANOR WEIR-BREEN of Strathkinness. John and Eleanor are now leaders of the SW London Vineyard Ministry centred in Putney.

ROBERT NORRIS e-mails, "Thank you for your efforts to establish my continued existence and well-being! I am sorry that I have been so difficult to track down, though I still maintain regular contact with John Frame as well as several others within the University and visit from time to time.

"I live now in Washington DC. and I am the Pastor of 4th Presbyterian Church here. My wife and five children will be pleased to provide a welcome to any St Andrean, particularly any former inmate of Kinnessburn, who arrives on these shores."

Owing to the large volume of news received, you are reading an extra edition of the newsletter.  Details of the Reunion Lunch will come with the April issue, as promised.  See you on Saturday 14th September.


VIVIAN AUSTER - [not published on website]

TERENCE  CRAWFORD - [not published on website]

IAN  GUNN-RUSSELL - [not published on website]

ROB  NORRIS - [not published on website]

JOHN SELWOOD - [not published on website]

Came another e-mail, from JOHN SELWOOD. "By virtue of a connection that I haven't had time to fully fathom out yet, an old friend of mine who is setting up a business in the States (and who is unrelated to either St. Andrews or Kinnessburn) sent me details of your website. I was amazed to find a reference to me on it.

"I was resident in Kinnessburn during the academic year 1967/8, living, as I recall in Room 2 (first floor, first door on left). I shared with a chap called Sandy Young who was a medic. My closest friends included JEREMY SHORT, PETE RODGERS, BRIAN RICKARD, DUNCAN WATTERS and my Senior Man was PETE INGLIS.
ª I would love to back in touch with some/any of my old comrades. I'm afraid I have lost contact with them all. I recall my Kinnessburn year as being both great fun and an extremely happy time. Looking back, I'm only sorry for the trouble we caused Nora Durkan and her staff.

"If you wish to have a full career update I can supply it, but to summarise, I went into commercial flying after St. Andrews having caught the bug looking from RAF Leuchars. At present I am General Manager Flight Operations Airbus with Emirates Airlines based in Dubai so I have a fleet of aircraft and a plethora of pilots to keep me busy. I still fly but only a couple of times a month. I am mostly deskbound these days.

"I was regrettably unable to see the picture on the website in which I am apparently included. If you could send me the .jpg as an attachment, I would be delighted. I have to say that coming out of the blue as it did, I found it quite a moving experience to be confronted by history and a very pleasant piece of history at that. I will be absolutely delighted to support and participate in any activities relating to Kinnessburn and its erstwhile inhabitants.

"Unbelievably, I have only been back to St. Andrews once in all these years and that was on my honeymoon in 1973. It's high time for my next visit. If it should coincide with a meeting with any of my old friends, then the icing would definitely be on the cake. Thanks and best regards."

[ªAll on our Wanted list. Perhaps one of these days...]

Your Editor gratefully acknowledges the help given by Sir PHILIP WILLIAMS in tracing JACK DAWSON, JOHN MUMFORD and ROBERT NORRIS.

Published by Graham Robertson

28 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh
Saturday 14th September


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