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APRIL 2002 REUNION NEWS: Issue No.19


ROBIN  BELL has been busy writing again - this time two books (one with each hand?), one of which was published on St Valentine's Day. Entitled Chapeau! it is described as a tongue-in-cheek story of two schoolteachers, Miss Blue Hat and Miss Blonde, who find romance in a car crash and a school inspection. The book is also a flick-book for which the Scottish Colourist JD Fergusson has drawn Miss Blue Hat, whose picture builds up as the reader flicks the  pages.

Instead of launching the book in front of the usual wine-sipping literati (as Robin phrased it), he chose to present it to a class of lively, questioning eight-year-olds in a gallery lined with some of JD Fergusson's colourful oil paintings. Robin's other book (on the Marquis of Montrose) is likely to be published shortly.

Early in February and out of the blue arrived an e-mail from a stranger, Richard Grindell. "GARY DOBBIE is chaplain of Christ's Hospital School, Horsham." A swift phone call to the school confirmed that he was indeed.

Whilst the end of February brought another e-mail with news of SIMON-JOHN DAWSON. "Please cross me off your list of missing people! I spent my first 2 years (1963-5) in Kinnessburn. A very friendly, intimate hall it was too. I shared with Alph (St. Clair) Stewart and David Eggeling my first year, with David in my second. It was Alph who told me about your site. Are there any group photos from those  times? I would like to buy one if possible."

Captain JOHN SELWOOD continues, "Sorry to hear that so many of my old colleagues are not in contact. That's a shame. Hopefully in the course of time the Internet will help resolve the problem. [It's certainly been very useful in recent months - Ed.]

"I spent my second year in the dreaded Seaton Court (twixt North and Market Streets on the way down to the golf course). Does the name Dr Saliga ring any bells? He was a well-known landlord in St Andrews in 1968.

"Book me in for two tickets for the reunion lunch in September. We (My wife DEE and I) will definitely be there. Wouldn't miss it!! Interestingly, when I used to fly from Turnhouse to London on the night flight with BEA in my St Andrews days, the special student fare, courtesy of Mays Travel, was a sobering Ł2/15/0. Changing times, eh?

"I am thrilled to be back in (potential) contact with so many old and valued friends. Look forward to hearing from you soon."

NEVILLE WILLIAMSON wrote just before Christmas, "Many thanks for the latest issue and the letter for naggees. It was a slight shock to see the announcement of Mrs. Durkan's death, and especially to realise that at my graduation 30 years ago she was considerably younger than I am now - and seemed to be ancient, of course. But really she was the soul of Kinnessburn.

"Secondly, I was very pleased to find some up-to-date news of my bejant Sir Philip, which I can respond to. E-mail doesn't appear to have reached Dorset yet, but as long as BSE can't get there either we should be grateful.

"Oh, by the way, I shan't be able to come to the Reunion Dinner, I'm afraid. Not just because of the travelling expenses Kassel - Edinburgh, but also because I had just booked a business flight to South Africa for Sunday, September 15th. 2002, on the day your letter arrived. Not that I could have postponed that, actually, if the letter had come sooner.

"All the best for the dim winter months, best wishes to all the 1967-71 members." [Sorry to have taken so long to print this, Neville: the filing system isn't all that it might be!]

Dr DAVID WISHART has been writing a book entitled "Whisky Classified" on his favourite topic of malt whiskies. Published in London by Pavilion Books, it should be available round about now.

David has offered to organise a malt whisky tasting session after the Reunion Lunch in September. Sounds good. Please indicate on the lunch booking form if you are interested, and I'll send you a copy of the notes David has prepared for this event.

28 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh
Saturday 14th September 2002


Choice of Starter

Home-made  vegetarian soup of the day

Hearty soup  with herb scone

Smoked mackerel, tomato & horseradish salad

Sauté mushroom,  garlic, wine, cream cheese

Drambuie chicken liver pâté and oatcakes

Choice of Main Course

Chicken with braised leeks in creamy sauce with garlic & herb crumbs

Strips of  beef fillet with green pepper, water chestnuts in peppercorn sauce, and wild rice

Vegetarian tart of Thai grass and spinach in curried banana & pear relish

Vegetarian mixed summer leaves with avocado and Brie in citrus sauce

Seasonal seafood in white wine & saffron sauce with potatoes and carrots

Venison sausages with mashed potato and onion gravy

Chicken and  avocado salad in balsamic vinegar

Sweets and Drinks extra

Published by Graham Robertson


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