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DECEMBER 2002 - No. 21

We've discovered there's a 174th Man of Kinnessburn - PETE KERRY - who had slipped off the list somehow. Of the surviving 167 Men, we now have addresses for 84 but twenty have declined to reply to letters. Most of the 84 nevertheless will receive a copy of  this newsletter as it marks the 40th Christmas since Kinnessburn opened to men (and who knows what state we'll be in for the fiftieth!). The "Christmas card" cover is actually a Christmas card, provided by ROBIN BELL and issued by the SRC in 1962 for Kinnessburn's first Christmas. It seems appropriate for this occasion too.

Thanks to the good offices of 'ARCH' ANDREWS and Professor BOB  CHEKE we have made contact with MARTIN BARKLA (St Andrews), STEVE  BELL (Aberdeen), FRANK BURNET and Dr COLIN HUGHSON (Sussex).

So if you haven't been with us from the beginning, the story is this. Our first Reunion took place in August 1998 in St Andrews at Hamilton Hall when 29 Men and wives gathered for Dinner. A Reunion Lunch for twenty-five was  held in Edinburgh last September. The next Reunion could be in the south  of England: we have two dozen Men living in that area, and most of them found Edinburgh too far for a day-trip, even with the prospect of such scintillating company at lunch! Some time in 2006 suit you, chaps? A few words of encouragement would be appreciated.

'ARCH' ANDREWS is composing a list of who occupied which room and when and with whom.  The skeleton is on the website at for your amusement. Please address any alterations and/or corrections to our Webmaster, John Stepney (e-mail while reminiscences and current news should be directed to the Editor.

In connexion with this TERRENCE CRAWFORD e-mailed, "Thanks for the information. It jogged memories about people and made me realize how long it has been since I haven't seen or heard of people whom I once knew, liked, and spent time with. I am still working and, given the stock market and our underfunded pension scheme, likely to do so for a longer time than I once thought I would. I still live outside Detroit (failure of imagination and will to escape, I fear). If anyone is coming near here, I would love to see them and take them to dinner or let them use the guest room (or all of the foregoing)."

'ARCH' also wrote a potted (potty?) biographical note. "My second  year (68/9) was the first winter of the British STANDARD Time 'experiment' (responsible for me giving up breakfast!). I remember that as a result, in January, the sun rose at about 9.20 and there is a brief minute or so when St.Andrews, being slightly elevated, casts a shadow over the Links and West Sands whilst beyond RAF Leuchars and Tentsmuir Forest are sunlit. I can recall several occasions, in my final year, of watching pink seagulls flying up in the dawn's (pink!) rays above the still shadowed Old Course: I watched this out of the window of the SH Physics lecture room in the new physics building on the North Haugh, and to this day I don't know what the hell Prof Dingle was lecturing about! I was out there, up with the seagulls."

NEVILLE WILLIAMSON was in Africa at the time of the Reunion Lunch but e-mailed on his return, "I  am still working for the Protestant Church but now as full-time administrator of a charity called (in translation) "Education Fund for Young Christians in Asia and Africa". We collect money to pay the school or university fees for young church members in developing countries who would not otherwise be able to afford to develop their talents - a very effective form of development aid. In this connection I was doing my first trip abroad to visit the Lutheran dioceses that pass on the scholarships on our behalf.
"I have a suggestion for future copies of the Newsletter. I notice that in my mind's eye I cannot always put a face to a name that is mentioned. How about a "rogue's gallery" with photos of ourselves from those days -  possibly complemented by up to date photos we could supply by e-mail? It would certainly help us to liaise in 2012!
"I spent two nights in St. A's in September 1996 when I was accompanying an ecumenical study group on a 14-day tour through Scotland, and late one evening I walked up from our quarters in the new University buildings to stand in front of Kinnessburn. Otherwise I had not been back to the place since my honeymoon in 1976. Still, I have not given up hope of getting there some time with my wife and our youngest son, now 10. And I have a poster of St. A's on the wall in my office to remind me daily of happy times!

The Herald of Saturday 12th October carried an article on the rejuvenation of Scotland's inland waterways, in which it was suggested that the funds available for this purpose might also be used to repair the harbour at St Andrews. Not quite sure what the connexion is, but I expect you all understand the logic behind the proposal!

Merry  Christmas and a Happy Hogmanay!



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