No 24 September 2003


No. 24 - September 2003


High Tea

photo by ‘Arch’ Andrews

Clockwise Martin Barkla, Merv Thompson (holding up dish), Trevor Jones (tea-cup), Richard Clark (face obscured), Sandy McAlpin (part obscured), Donald Findlay, Simon Gordon (out of focus).

After taking early retirement from Heriot-Watt University, Professor DON BRYDON is now director of Technitex Faraday Partnership at the Scottish Borders Campus of Heriot-Watt at Galashiels.

ALEC COULL e-mails, “Many thanks for the Kinnessburn Reunion News that fell through my letter box this morning. I must admit I didn't know I was lost but, anyway, now I am found.

“It was great to read about people who made my year in Kinnessburn such an enjoyable experience and I was quickly onto the Kinnessburn web-site and scrutinising your back issues; they made some wonderful reading. Whilst in a reminiscing mood I looked out the 1971-72 house photograph just so that I could put some faces to names. I must say that I don't have nearly as much hair now as I did then.

“On graduating from St Andrews I spent a year at Hamilton College of Education in Lanarkshire before joining the teaching profession, a job I have enjoyed since the day I started. I am currently Head of Mathematics in Ballerup (Danish twin town name) High School in East Kilbride. My wife, Nancy, and I have lived in East Kilbride for the last 27 years. We are both sport-aholics but at circa 50 we are slowing down a bit. Nancy still turns out for her hockey club's 2nd XI while I umpire hockey around Scotland and can still be found doing a stint at National Div 1 level. We both are avid skiers but only abroad nowadays – it’s too much like hard work to ski in Scotland. Both being teachers (Nancy is Head of History in another EK school) we also use "teacher's holidays" as much as possible to get to sunnier climes.

“During my year in Kinnessburn I shared a room with one Romney Johnstone, who, I believe joined the Civil Service somewhere in London having only lasted one year at St Andrews. If memory serves me correctly, but no promises, we had Room 2 on the first floor during the year of 71-72.......unless someone knows differently! Feel free to intimate my own e-mail address to your readership: [not published on website] and keep me informed of any reunions planned for the future which I would do my best to attend. Finally, thank you for "finding" me and I wish you and your team all the best in finding the other "Lost men".

RENNIE FRAZER and Josefine are delighted to announce the birth of their third son Tobias. Makes a change from retiral and grandparent news items!

In the February edition PETER INGLIS wrote, “I have a clear memory of one of the maids rushing into the dining room to declare loudly to Bob Cheke who had his bird net up in the garden, “Mr Cheke, there’s a bluidy seagull in yer net!” ‘ARCH’ takes up the story, “I can remember that ‘bluidy seagull’ (or at least a seagull). Bob Cheke and Colin Hughson used to net birds and ring them. They used to watch the net from Bob’s bedroom window, at the back on the second floor. When they released the seagull, it flew straight down into the garden and back into the net. Somewhere I have a photo of Bob standing outside the back door, holding some rare bird that they netted. Bob remembers the bird – a waxwing – and says it was the only one he’s ever ringed, and he’s been ringing birds ever since.”

Dr CHRIS KORYCINSKI tells us, “Just in time to miss the newsletter, I've got 'news' (if you can call it that) that I have changed my job from working in artificial intelligence & language processing at Edinburgh University to electronic publishing & dissemination of research papers at St Andrews, based at the main library. Have things gone in a full circle? They seem to have done as I have worked my way through the Universities of Scotland!”

DAVID LORIMER is Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network, Chair of Wrekin Trust and Vice-President of the Horizon Research Foundation and the Swedenborg Society. He is author of Radical Prince: The Practical Vision of the Prince of Wales.

The suggestion has been made that one issue next year should be given over to anecdotes and personal reminiscences of Major TERENCE MITFORD, our founding Warden. Already some are to hand, so please keep them coming!

ALAN O’BRIEN e-mails, “I was surprised and pleased to hear about the Men of Kinnessburn. I had no idea such a group existed. I spent my first year at St Andrews in Kinnessburn in 1971-72 and made many good friends there. The newsletter mentions several of my contemporaries, including my old room-mate Roger Cunningham, who shared Room 9 with me, overlooking the North Haugh (time to update the room list).

“After leaving St Andrews, I married Gina Berridge, an English student who lived in Chattan and we have just celebrated 26 years of happy marriage. Since 1980, we have lived in Inverness where I am now Consultant Medical Physicist in Nuclear Medicine at Raigmore Hospital. Both our children were born in the Highlands and Kate, now 20, is studying Outdoor Education at Strathclyde. David (18) left school last summer and is having a year out to consider his options whilst perfecting his skate and snowboarding skills. It's quite scary to think that they are now the same age as I was when I was at Kinnessburn.

“Meanwhile, I have spent the last twenty or so years climbing and photographing mountains, throughout Scotland and abroad. The Munros were completed in 1996 and I am now slowly whittling away at the Corbetts. Avid readers of walking guide books may have seen some of my photos in the Scottish Mountaineering Club guides and Irvine Butterfield's various books. My climbing career was rudely interrupted about 12 years ago by a kidney problem, but I was fortunate to receive a transplant within 6 months and I haven't looked back since.

“Anyway, enough of me. Please feel free to publish my e-mail address in a future newsletter – [not published on website] I would be happy to hear from any old Kinnessburnians who remember me. Perhaps we can drum up some interest in a reunion from the 1971-72 crowd.”

The good burghers of Corstorphine S.E. re-elected PHIL WHEELER as their Edinburgh City Councillor by over 1500 votes majority at the May election. Congratulations and best wishes to him as he serves for the coming four years.

PETER WORTHAM lives at Beauly in Easter Ross and, judging from his e-mail address, works for Scottish Natural Heritage.


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