No 28 September 2004


No. 28 – SEPTEMBER 2004

Richard Young


Cover photo of Dr Richard Young by ‘Arch’

SIMON GORDON is the contact for Orkney Alcohol Counselling & Advisory Service in Kirkwall.

PETER INGLIS writes that he can confirm one of the Mitford stories. “I was there and have a very good idea who the culprit was! I think it was probably 1966 and the "dressing down" was short and sharp. The Major stood up and said: “Used seagull's welly - maid found it on the stairs - don't let it happen again,” and immediately sat down to a stunned silence.”

From ROMNEY JOHNSTONE came an e-mail. “Until a few moments ago I didn't even realise that Kinnessburn had had such an impact on former inmates lives that there would be a website dedicated to it. I am, as you would describe, one of the "missing men".

I was at Kinnessburn during 71/72. I left St. Andrews after only one year and moved to London soon after. I remained in contact with a few after I left but inevitably those contacts were soon out of date and lost. Maybe this will be an opportunity to catch up with some of the ones that I met in my only year at St. Andrews. Incidentally after 22 years in London my wife and I moved back to Scotland, to Anstruther, and we now have three young children – something to do with the sea air I believe.

I hope you will have further successes in tracking down the missing.”

Thanks to the good offices of ‘Arch’ Andrews and Frank Duncan we can now report that CHRIS LEWIS is alive and well in Leicester. Chris e-mails, “Your persistence has paid dividends, if that is the right way of putting it. I was at Kinness 1968/1969. Afterwards I moved to a house in Earlsferry. It did not work out and after spending time with friends from Kinness in another house, I moved to a bunk in St. Andrews. Afterwards to Andrew Melville for a year before crossing the river to Dundee for the next three years eventually qualifying MB ChB.

“After a year in Shrewsbury I returned to Dundee for the next 7 years. By that time I was married to Liz and we had two boys Dominic and Matthew. We then moved to Leicester where I was appointed as a Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and we have been here ever since. I am contemplating retirement in the near future, a bonus for us Shrinks. Dominic has recently been awarded his PhD from Glasgow and Matthew is a Sports Photographer regularly getting his pictures in the broadsheets. We would love to hear from anyone who remembers me ([not published on website]).”

TONY WILLIAMS writes, Sorry to have been so remiss in reporting my news - maybe because I haven’t got enough of it normally! However I'm about to retire [that was in June] and am celebrating by going into hospital for a  knee operation. At least I hope I get a new knee and not a hip since this was one of the many mistakes made when the notification of surgery came.

“My last year has been somewhat taken up with the "fight for Classics" issue which brewed up when the question of my successor came up. So much media attention (which I could have done without) has descended on me with letters and articles and radio, television and even internet appearances.

“Pat and I were lucky to come across a dream of a property two years ago - it's an apartment in a converted hunting lodge close to the Queen’s View about 5 miles north of Bearsden on the road to Drymen and Loch Lomond. The house (Auchineden House) is about ¾  mile off the road in a wealth of rhododendrons and other extraordinary features. Apart from our Tonkinese cats we have herds of deer to keep us entertained. There is of course an open invitation for any old friends to pop in and see us if you are passing ( 01360 770905). I look forward to drawing and walking and cycling (as long as I get a right knee that works!) as well as trying to get my piano playing back up to scratch.

“Our eldest lad, Desmond, still has the one son - a great joy - and Helen looks set to be marrying a Maori lad - a super guy. They're back in New Zealand at the moment. Matthew is still with us but keen to get away (who could blame him?)

"Memories of St Andrews are still powerful - what a fabulous place at which to do one’s degree and learn how to be mature and responsible (by behaving in the opposite way most of the time!)

“Major Mitford was a wonderful human being and I had the good fortune to have him as a tutor as well as a warden. When he became warden he used to chuckle and protest that he was a bit green at the job. "Have you got any tips for me?" he would say. I also remember exchange dining at the girls' residences when there was one male for each table of 20+ females and the embarrassment when grace was sung and I found myself coming in at least a few octaves lower than the ladies around me to their amusement and my chagrin! Happy memories and good wishes to all.”

Romney Johnstone draws our attention to the August 2002 appointments page of the Central University of Arkansas website. JOHN CORDINGLEY is a visiting assistant professor of chemistry. He received his BSc from the University of St. Andrews (Scotland) and his PhD from the University of Essex (Colchester, England). He most recently was a research scientist at the University of Wyoming. He will be teaching biochemistry courses.”


St Andrews University is to sell one of the most distinctive properties in the town, the imposing student residence of Hamilton Hall, in a multi-million pound deal with an American company. The red sandstone Victorian building — formerly the Grand Hotel — is a landmark in St Andrews, overlooking the 18th green and fairway of the Old Course. It also has spectacular views of St Andrews Bay and the West Sands.

The property was bought by the university in 1949. The building is instantly recognised by golf enthusiasts around the globe as the backdrop to televised golfing moments on the Old Course. It also featured in the opening sequences of the film Chariots Of Fire.

[Thanks to ‘Arch’ Andrews and Frank Duncan for this item from The Courier of 9th July 2004.]

Did you spot in the Alumnus Chronicle (now with Capital Letters Restored)……

  • Founding Warden Major Terence Mitford’s connection with the University Archæological Society (page 12)?
  • Second Warden Adrian Hollis’ award of an Honorary D.Litt. degree (page 6)?
  • Article about the Belgium Alumni Club of which St.Clair Stewart is Convenor (p.38)?
  • Photo of Dr Sandy Young (page 16)?
  • News of David Lorimer’s latest book, due out this summer (page 29)?


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