No 7 September 1998



Well, that's it over then, after eighteen months in the planning! It was good to meet old friends, put faces to names on cheques and make the acquaintance of the ladies. A particular pleasure was greeting those who had flown in from Canada, the States and Europe to be with us.

The older Men of Kinnessbum were very glad that Mrs Mitford was able to be with us during the afternoon to meet again those who have happy memories of the days when her husband was Warden of the residence. A sadness was the absence of Miss Durkan, the Domestic Bursar, whose state of health precluded her attendance. Our best wishes, however, were conveyed to both ladies on cards signed by the diners.

The weekend seems to have been a smash hit with those who managed to get back to St Andrews, even if for only part of the weekend's celebrations, and to renew friendships which have been "on ice" for, in some cases, over 35 years

And is there to be a second Kinnessbum Reunion? That depends on YOU. There were 29 Men of Kinnessbum attending out of a possible 167 and no fewer than ten who sent their apologies that domestic or business arrangements prevented their coming. The obvious date to celebrate would be the 50th anniversary of the opening of Kinnessbum as a men's residence, fourteen years away. Let's keep in touch meanwhile and aim to meet again on the second Saturday of August 2012.

Now about keeping in touch…I've been sending out 50 to 60 copies of the newsletters. Some of you said right from the beginning you weren't really interested but I kept you on the mailing list for the time being. If there's a RED CROSS here [ ] you won't hear from us again unless you tell me a.s.a.p. that you've changed your mind. For the remainder there will be at least one communication annually, more if you all keep me posted with your latest news.

And now for the naughty bits…

TERRY CRAWFORD writes from 'across the puddle'. "I am a lawyer (Americans do not make distinction between solicitors and barristers) specialising in Corporate and finance law and am a senior member in Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, PLC (PLC stands for Public Limited Liability Company but for some reason we think using two "L"s to be unnecessary). Miller Canfield is the oldest law firm in Michigan, having been about 140 years in existence. Recently I was an adjunct Professor of Law at Wayne State University Law School for about two years but, based on the exam results, I managed to impart absolutely no knowledge of the law to the students.

I have two Vizslas, Lily and Abby, aged 4 and 6. I usually travel to Europe most years but haven't been back to Britain for several years. If any St Andreans (and especially Kinnessburn former residents) (or their children) should come to the Detroit area, I would love to see and entertain them. One can go for months here without hearing a British accent."

DEREK and HELEN KENNEDY are delighted to announce that their daughter EMMA was married in July. Emma has until recently been seen on your television screens reading the news for BBC Scotland, but is now with ITN in the Deep South of England.

JOHN and LES NEAL have recently moved a mile down the road from St Barnabas' to St John's, Eltham. They live near the Millennium Dome and will be very pleased to see any of you visiting the jollifications. If you speak nicely to them, they might be able to offer you a bed for the night.

Also 'across the puddle' is BASIL POGUE. "I came to Canada in August 1967 and spent the next three years working on an MA in historical geography at University of Calgary. After two years doing a miscellany of other things, including teaching geography and working for the Calgary School Board, I went to the University of Alberta and got a degree in Library Science. I met LAURA there and we married in September 1972.

We spent just over a year in Waterloo, Ontario, where I was employed in the Engineering, Mathematics and Science Library at the University of Waterloo before moving back to Western Canada in the late winter of 1974. I worked for the Regina Public Library as a reference librarian and latterly as Head of Information Services until December 1980 when I went to work for Saskatchewan Telecommunications (SaskTel) to set up and manage their new corporate library. I still work for SaskTel though I have lately moved out of the library world and am now a manager in the Customer Care segment of Customer Services.

Laura and I have one daughter, Erin. She is now 16 and very much interested in fine arts, singing, drama and dance. We have found ourselves constrained for two summers now by Erin's activities. We're just heading out now for ten days' camping in southern Saskatchewan and southern Alberta.

GRAHAM ROBERTSON sends his thanks for the thoughtful gifts presented to him at the reunion and places the blame for any mistakes firmly on the contents of the quaich! He has also been pushing up the value of BT shares by laying in a dedicated fax line -

Editorial Fax no.
[Out of date]

GORDON ROY could not be with us at the Reunion, but wrote his life story for the newsletter. He graduated in 1967 in Russian and Economics and spent a year travelling abroad. Returning to the UK he married SALLY MITCHELL (Mediaeval History 1964-68) in 1969 and lived in a highland Perthshire glen, running a sporting and agricultural estate. Their daughters were born in 1971 and 1974 while they were living in Glenlyon and Edinburgh. Since 1994 Gordon has had various occupations ranging from ghillie and financial adviser to daffodil-picker: Sally has been a professional cook, travel writer and tour leader. Since May of this year they have been living in a delightful Somerset village only a short drive away from Gordon's Senior Man, the Revd Anthony Ashwell!

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Saturday 11th August 2012

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