No 9 Easter 1999



The University intends to celebrate its sexcentenary (no nasty sniggers from all you non-Classicists, please!) in 2011, rather than in the previous year, and your Party Organiser felt that our next reunion might profitably be advanced one year to coincide with the official junketings. He is accordingly in touch with the Secretary to the University to see whether we might obtain permission to hold a Dinner Dance in a marquee on the back lawn of Kinnessburn avec live music (Bobby Crow's Band is still around!). The Sec. has not ruled it out.... yet.

It would, of course, be somewhat expensive, certainly into three figures for a double ticket, and there'd need to be some inducement for ale-swigging, non-dancing bachelors in the form of cheaper single tickets. But we have over ten years to save up the pennies. Let me know what you think of this brilliant plan.

PETER MARTIN writes, "Sorry I couldn't manage the Kinnessburn reunion - perhaps next time I'll make it. We've just chalked up another 'All St Andrews" wedding in the family. Jonty married his longterm girlfriend in the summer [of 1998]. She played the cello alongside Jonty in the University orchestra.

GRAHAM ROBERTSON attended the half-annual meeting of the General Council in Manchester last December and discovered that Principal Arnott did not recognise the Kinnessburn tie. That's him off the Christmas card list!

Listen fellas. I can't go on producing a news-sheet if you don't send me any news. Let's hear what you're about, or for that matter what your children are about, as long as it's decent. Everso ta!

Alteration to address list - Dr John Bell, [not published on website]

Published  by Graham Robertson

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