Reunion Photos

Photographs of all of the reunions have now been added - click on the buttons on the left, or follow these links:

Reunion 2012 Album 1
Reunion 2012 Album 2
Reunion 2012 Album 3
Reunion 2012 Album 4
Reunion 2012 Album 5
Reunion 2012 Album 6

Reunion 2005

Reunion 2002

Reunion 1998 Album 1
Reunion 1998 Album 2
Reunion 1998 Album 3
Reunion 1998 Album 4
Reunion 1998 Album 5
Reunion 1998 Album 6

Here’s a taster - from the 2012 reunion at St Andrews:

Pictured above at Kinnessburn:
Derek James, Jim Geekie, Phil Wheeler, John Cook, Greg Newman, Stephen Bell, David Wishart, Neville Williamson, Trevor Jones, Mike Bridges, Allan Halliday, John Stepney, Scott Moffat

On the viewing gallery at MUSA:
Trevor Jones, Greg Newman, Scott Moffat, Neville Williamson, Philip Williams, Sven Sigurdsson, Stephen Bell, Derek James, Maggie Cook, John Cook, Jim Geekie

Photos on this page were supplied by Trevor Jones.

The 2012 photos are mainly from Trevor Jones, but also some taken by Diane Stepney, Phil Wheeler, Neville Williamson and John Cook.

Thanks to Philip Williams for the Winchester 2005 photographs.

Edinburgh 2002 photos were taken by Graham Robertson.

Finally, the photographers at St Andrews in 1998 were Derek Kennedy, Graham Robertson, Helen Hood, Jane Begg and ‘Arch’ Andrews

Any request for me to remove any photos will be acted upon immediately.

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